PAM Application in Oil Field

Today we introduce the applications of PAM in oil field.

First of all, when polyacrylamide is used in drilling mud, it has the effect of thickening, stabilizing and settling flocculant. PAM is added to the drilling mud to increase the consistency of the mud. It is not only able to improve the suspension force, but also has the effect of controlling the loss of water, thereby increasing the speed of cementing. For example, colloidal polyacrylamide, also called flocculant polyacrylamide, is used as a thickening agent for oilfield water injection and a flocculant for drilling low-solid non-dispersible mud, while anionic polyacrylamide is used as a treatment agent for oilfield mud.

Secondly, in the process of oil extraction, the viscosity of the injected water increases under the action of polyacrylamide, so that it can effectively avoid the breakdown of the oil layer, thereby increasing the oil recovery rate.

Thirdly, it was used as a water-oil ratio control agent in oil production wells and water injection wells, polyacrylamide solution or organic cross-linking agent, polyvalent metal ion, formaldehyde resin and other cross-linking into water-insoluble gel, used in oil and water wells control the effluent of the water layer.

In additional,PAM can also be used as a fracturing fluid additive, the main purpose is to increase viscosity, improve sand suspension capacity, reduce fluid loss, and reduce friction

Finally,it also can be used as pipe wall lubricant, drag reducer and wax inhibitor, etc.

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