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  • Chemical Formula: FeSO4.7H2O
  • Shape: Green Crystal Powder
  • CAS No.: 7782-63-0
  • EINECS No.: 231-735-5
  • HS CODE: 2833291000


Product Name Specifications Results
FeSO4. 7H2O% 98min 98.05
(Fe)/% 19.7min 19.9
(Pb)/% ≤0.002 0.0016
(As)/% ≤0.0002 0.00017
(Cd)/% ≤0.0005 0.0003
Water insoluble% ≤0.5 0.1

About Zibo Longorder

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For more than ten years,we help our kind customers to finish more than 1000 local project based on different product function

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Our products are widely exported to South Korea,North America,Asia,Middle-East,Africa and Russia

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Since our establishmwnt in 1995, we’re committed to provide high quality chemicals to assist our clients in growing their own business

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Ferrous Sulfate Application Area

How Do We Manufacture Ferrous Sulfate

Zibo Longorder Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces polyaluminum chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, polyacrylamide, polyferric sulfate and aluminum sulphate. Its production capacity is as follows.

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